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Free Carpet Cleaning

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    Disclaimer:  PANDA Carpet and Tile Cleaning – East Valley will clean, absolutely free, one family’s carpets, tile, and / or upholstery each month. However, we must be clear on how PANDA will provide the service:

    1. The family must be in need; there are different types of ‘need’, so if you are nominating someone to receive the service, you must tell us why you believe the family should win.
    2. The family must live within about a 25-mile radius of PANDA’s headquarters of zip code 85236. After all, PANDA is giving away this service, so let’s keep them within a reasonable range.
    3. The service will be limited to a total value of $250, which is a lot of carpet, tile or upholstery cleaning. The people at PANDA can give you a good idea of how much area this would cover.
    4. One family wins each month; the same family cannot win twice in the same 12-month period.
    5. It isn’t necessary for you to purchase PANDA’s services to nominate a family in need, although it’s OK if you do.
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